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In this day and age, having a social media presence is a must, and having a strong one is even better. However, growing your followers, a.k.a your fan base, might not be that easy. Especially on one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram.

That is where ProjectInsta comes in –

As soon as you reach the website, you will see that the overall appearance is clean and easy to navigate. It looks professional. That just goes to show you that they will also be professional when it comes to helping you get the followers that you’re looking for.

Not only does the overall website for ProjectInsta look professional, but they also offer great tips to help you gather followers on your own. This includes tips and tricks to help you get new followers, but also how to keep them. They even offer great advice on how to start earning some extra money with Instagram! Who wouldn’t want to do that?

All of these articles can be very easily found on the ProjectInsta website and are very simple to understand. You will be on your own way to gaining followers in no time.

However, if you are still struggling when it comes to getting the follower base that you are wanting, ProjectInsta can offer more assistance. They can also give you followers for free! This service provided by ProjectInsta is transparent and honest, all the followers are actually genuine. You don’t have to worry like you would with other sites because this is one of the safest ways to quickly gain followers for Instagram.

Gaining more followers, means the more people that will probably want to follow you. That means you can reach so many new people, and share all the amazing things that you want to share. New connections are also a great plus of having more followers as well.

Free Instagram Followers

It can take forever to gain these followers on your own and other sites that offer free followers might not only be a risk to your safety, but could potentially also get you in trouble with Instagram itself. After all, it is pretty hard to go under the radar when you instantly gain a 20 thousand followers overnight.

This is why ProjectInsta implements guidelines to help you find the ideal and perfect followers for Instagram. You won’t have to worry about robots or fakes. The people who will follow you will be real, genuine people who are actually interesting in your profile.

That will help you greatly increase the numbers of people who are interesting in your Instagram profile. Even better, if you are looking to spread the word of a brand around the world, there is not a better place to look than ProjectInsta. They will help put you on the radar, and help your brand gain recognition all over the globe by introducing it to a broad base of Instagram followers.

All in all, there really is not a downside when it comes to using ProjectInsta. It is the best way to safely, and quickly gain the followers you need to really make a name for yourself on Instagram.


Getting New Followers on Instagram

Follow these tips and become famous on Instagram!

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing app worldwide. In fact, it has more than 800 million users and counting. These users upload more than 40 billion photos on it annually. Interestingly, top influencers on Instagram are making loads of money from this site. More specifically, they promote goods and services on their Instagram page. They also endorse products and events for other people at a fee. Being famous with many followers and having hundreds of people like your photos is a good thing as well. Unfortunately, gaining these followers is a challenging task. In fact, the average number of followers for Instagram users lies between 100 and 200 followers. Follow these tips to get followers on Instagram.

• Quality Photos Are Essential

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Selena Gomez, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Ariana Grande have the highest number of followers on Instagram. One thing is typical on their respective Instagram profiles, i.e., high-quality photos. Remember, thousands of celebrities exist, but these personalities have the most followers. In fact, professional images are regular features on their profiles. Follow their example. More specifically, invest in a quality camera or a phone that has an excellent camera. Take numerous photos, and then pick the one that stands out from the rest. People will like it. They will comment on it, and they will repost it. Then you will appear more often in Instagram’s search feature helping you gain more followers than you have.

• Go for a Specific Niche

As mentioned earlier, Instagram has millions of users worldwide. These people have different interests. For example, some of them like food. Others love traveling. Many women follow Instagram profiles that focus on fashion while men go for sport-based Instagram pages. Tap on these interests as soon as possible by going for a niche audience. Some choices include food, travel, fashion, or sports. Remember, the benefit of focusing on a specific niche is undeniable. More specifically, growing your followers would be effortless because your profile would be full of something that they love. They will always come back to your profile for additional insights or information. Instagram will suggest your profile as well to people who like the same niche that you have selected.

• Update Your Instagram Page Regularly

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Quality photos and a specific niche are an excellent step towards getting followers on Instagram. However, these efforts will only bear fruit if you compliment them with constant updates of photos and pictures. Remember, 59% of Instagram users in the US are between 18 and 29 years old. Globally, 30% of users are 25 to 34 years old. These statistics show you that you are mostly dealing with a young demographic when you are on Instagram. Young people are looking for the latest trends and the newest products. Your Instagram profile will put them off unless it contains constant updates. In contrast, they will visit your page regularly so that they have enough information for gossip or discussions with their friends. These discussions will help you gain more followers than you currently have because people will ask for the source of these updates.
Finally, you can get followers on Instagram by using appropriate hashtags and calls to action. Find the trending topics and their corresponding hashtags. Then upload your photos with creative captions that contain these hashtags. People will see your quality photos, and they will like them if you are focusing on a specific niche. Updating your Instagram with new pictures while using trending hashtags means that many users will notice your profile. Many of them will follow you.

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